I got into this profession because I was passionate about fitness.  I stayed in it because I learned I'm even more passionate about people. Here are a few reviews from some of my clients.  – Melissa

When Melissa left the gym I went to, I left too, and I think almost all of her clients followed her because she’s that good.

Since working out with Melissa, I have lost weight, inches, gained balance, improved my posture and become a lot stronger. I really enjoy working out with her because I feel that she really listens to me, works with me on my problem spots and is really encouraging and supportive.
— Erin

Four months into my new regimen I am highly impressed. She is great at what she does. Her training regimen is very flexible, and tuned to each client’s individual needs. I have seen steady improvement in all the areas I wanted to improve upon, and the changes are sticking. As an added bonus, she is smart and easy to get along with. Now, when I am at the gym doing the homework she gives me, I wince and feel bad when I see people with trainers that are either barking something at them, or are distracted.

In short, can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Brian

Since training with Melissa, I have lost weight, become stronger and leaner, and have more muscle definition. My posture, flexibility and heart rate have improved, and I have a healthier mental outlook. Constantly evolving and interesting, the programs Melissa has written for me have been very thorough, thoughtful, challenging and effective.

On a personal note, I have had much fun training with Melissa. She is very personable and relates well with her clients, while maintaining a sense of professionalism. Her cheerful demeanor, strong sense of enthusiasm and sense of humor makes me look forward to our training sessions.
— Chris

I spent several years trying to train and run a 5k. I tried various couch to 5k programs and I was never able to run much more than a minute before my legs and lungs told me it was enough. After months of trying I would give up. A few months later I would start again. Then I started training with Melissa. She keeps me motivated and on track and now I can actually see my fitness dreams becoming a reality! She keeps my routines challenging and fun and pushes me when I need it. She’s fantastic, and this year I will be running my first half marathon.
— Katie

Things I like about Melissa’s training:

1. She’s well-informed about the body and anatomy. She focuses on injury prevention and whole-body training, and is great at making you do really annoying exercises for your little stabilizer muscles that really pay off when you’re sitting at a desk for hours or learning to do a double turn in salsa class.
2. Melissa is smart — this is important for me — as well as creative and fun.
3. My body is WAY happier after three months of training, and I know I couldn’t have gotten here on my own.
— Bo

Melissa was my trainer when she lived in NYC. My loss when she left NY is your gain, Seattle! She is fantastic. Great attitude, energy and optimism. She believes in what you can do and teaches you to believe in yourself! With Melissa, you will get a highly personalized exercise regime that is interesting, fun and most importantly, works! Start working with melissa, you will see results very soon.
— Eva